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Empowering the next generation of Facility Managers

Welcome To Stratum

Welcome to Stratum

The Facility Management Community to help empower the next wave of Facility Managers.

Stratum Community Goals

Let's Build Community

The Stratum Community works to empower the next generation of diverse, technology-savvy Facility Managers by increasing awareness of facility management as a profession and fostering community.

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Welcome New FMs

Over the next 10 years, roughly 50% of the Facility Management workforce will retire, requiring a new wave of personnel into the industry.

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Increase Diversity

Stratum recognizes the lack of diversity in Facility Management - 80% of FMs are male, 75% are white, and we are taking the initiative to make the industry more inclusive and representative.

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Take Initiative

By keeping our content free, by promoting the industry through diverse channels, and by documenting and championing existing knowledge sets and best practices in mediums approachable to today's workforce

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